Demer Upkot: The Power of Creativity in The Talent Park

In the twilight of a devastated world, amid the rubble of the ‘Kapermolen’ site, there was a glimmer of hope:

Demer Upkot, the fourth Upkot-project by Upgrade Estate in Hasselt, was still under construction when the all-destroying meteorite struck the earth. The area around the schools and campuses miraculously remains free from destruction. Many students are lucky enough to survive the catastrophe, they settle in the four Upkot buildings nearby.

Recycled Art workshop

These survivors, all blessed with talent in technology and environment, education, art and culture, business and social, realise they can change the future of the earth. The sustainable housing project for student instantly became a beacon of light and hope, it became known as “The Talent Park”.

Demer Upkot, at this point, is a blank canvas for these hyper-talented students. They quickly blossom into artists, designers and visionaries. With heaps of imagination they join forces in a common goal: to work towards a sustainable future for the earth.

Art studio study café

The art studio with gallery becomes the main meeting point for all residents. After the disaster the students have only own ingenuity and a mountain of waste to work with and everything has to be built by hand. But it is precisely in this challenge that they find a sense of satisfaction and belonging.

The students start to furnish the unfinished spaces with upcycled furniture and recycled art. Garbage is being transformed into art and interior objects. As true ambassadors of sustainability, they organise workshops and teach each other the art of reuse and craft creation. The Talent Park flourishes with the infectious energy of recovery and renewal. Each piece created tells a story of recycling and hope for a better future.

Dakterras Demer

The Demer Upkot project is finished by and for students. Every idea, initiative or every work of art sprouts from the young minds determined to rebuild the world. They use their hyper-talented gifts to create not only a physical place, they build a community driven by creativity and sustainability.

Under the light of the reborn sun shining through the cleansed atmosphere, The Talent Park is now a symbol of hope in the dark times. With determination and passion for a better world, students find each other in this oasis of creativity and form a path to a new beginning for humanity.