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14/10 - 14/10 - Keynote
COMING SOON - Servaas Bingé: 'Never go to the doctor again' (in Dutch)
10/12 - 10/12 - Keynote
COMING SOON - Peter Decuypere: 'Success in 7 failures' (in Dutch)

Much more than just a room

As a creative student housing company, Upkot builds and manages projects in different cities with a great focus on durability and ecology. In all Upkot projects our students are able to lift their student lives to the next level. Imagine a second home with a unique look & feel, crazy facilities, awesome activities and of course: qualitative and beautiful student rooms. Or better: the place to be to have the time of your life!

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Shared spaces

Amazing shared spaces

Whether you’re in the mood to study, chill, cook or exercise, you’ll always find a Study Café, chillroom, shared kitchen or fitness to do so!

It's all about community

Meet new friends, join the Upkot family and have the time of your life Upkot.


“I chose Upkot because there are a lot of activities provided for the students, which makes the atmosphere really great. We have a nice community here in Antwerpen Upkot. Another important aspect for me was the presence of the Upkot coach. She’s someone you can always count on.”



Antwerpen Upkot

“I have a lot of good friends in Campus Upkot. You get to know people from different cultures. Campus Upkot is a beautiful building with a study café and has a lot of possibilities for sporty people.”



Campus Upkot

“While I was searching for a room in Ghent, I came across the Upkot website. I really liked the modern interior of the buildings. I chose Backstage² because of its prime location in Ghent. The presence of an Upkot coach also contributed to my choice for Upkot, as they offer students a helping hand.”



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Join the Upgrade academy

Dreaming of the internship of your life? Joining an interesting workshop or lecture? Getting free study advice by our Upmentors? The Upgrade Academy makes your (student & study) dreams come true…

You will love your Upkot coach

Your Upkot coach is a true multitasker: party organizer, building manager and problem solver. Who will be your Upkot coach?

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Discover our 360° tours

Want to see for yourself what our different types of student rooms and shared spaces look like? Take a virtual tour and check out the entire Upkot world!

The sustainability factor

Upkot has a durability mascot aka “Kotkip”. She raises awareness about ecology by giving eco tips & tricks. On top of that Upkot builds projects in the most sustainable way e-v-e-r and has its very own green energy supplier “Limoengroen”.

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