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As a creative student housing company, we build and manage projects in different cities with a great focus on durability and ecology. We think outside the box and aim to grow further through each project. Our renters play an important role in this process. Students are the future and we like to add value for them.

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The Upgrade Academy - powered by our parent company Upgrade Estate - is a platform where all our partners and stakeholders (Upkot students, Upliving residents, investors, etc) can join trainings, keynotes, workshops, coaching sessions,... As an Upkot student, you hold an automatic ánd free membership of the Upgrade Academy. Always welcome to join the events and activities, whether it is in real life, or digitally.

  • Meet each other
  • Inspire each other
  • Share experiences and knowledge
  • Innovate 



Throughout the academic year, we host several workshops at the Upgrade Academy. These workshops, on various topics (study planning, student wellbeing, exam tips etc) are open to all Upkot students, the more the merrier! Josephine, our HR-intern will give these online workshops in English and/or Dutch. So you can participate from your lazy chair, or together with some bubble-friends. You can follow all workshops, or just that one that you find suiting for you. Don't forget to subscribe! 

Current workshop(s):

  • February 23rd: Workshop "Starting the 2nd semester with a positive vibe". Perhaps you've encountered a number of problems during the first semester. Maybe you planned a bit too optimistically, underestimated the amount of study material, stress got the best of you, not everything seemed equally interesting, your study method is not perfect yet,... In this workshop, we'll work together to find solutions to these issues. We'll give you our insights and we'll share our experiences. So that you can start the second part of your year full of energy and enthusiasm. Registrations are limited, so register soon!

Workshop in Dutch Workshop in English

Upgrade Academy




We strongly believe our students have a lot of expertise, and we want to stimulate students to share their experiences and knowledge amongst the larger Upkot community. Upkotters who are interested in receiving personal coaching and guidance will be "matched" with an UpMentor from the same building.  

  • Do you want to become an UpMentor, and reserve some of your time to guide a fellow Upkotter from your building? Great! After a short training in the Upgrade Academy, you'll get a certificate and you'll officially be part of the UpMentor team. It's a great initiative for personal growth, and a great way to make new friends. Subscriptions for this academic year are closed.
  • Do you want free guidance from an UpMentor throughout the year? Study tips and trips, personal coaching and sharing of experiences, it's all part of the Mentorship program. Subscriptions for this academic year are closed.



mentorship program

explained by upmentor Yana