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As a creative student housing company, we build and manage projects in different cities with a great focus on durability and ecology. We think outside the box and aim to grow further through each project. Our renters play an important role in this process. Students are the future and we like to add value for them.

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The Upgrade Academy - powered by our parent company Upgrade Estate - is a platform where all our partners and stakeholders (Upkot students, Upliving residents, investors, etc) can join trainings, keynotes, workshops, coaching sessions,... As an Upkot student, you hold an automatic ánd free membership of the Upgrade Academy. Always welcome to join the events and activities, whether it is in real life, or digitally.

  • Meet each other
  • Inspire each other
  • Share experiences and knowledge
  • Innovate 
Taallessen Nederlands voor Oekraïners
Met Upgrade Estate vangen we een aantal Oekraïense vluchtelingen op. We bieden de volwassenen gratis lessen Nederlands aan zodat ze zich vlot kunnen integreren. En we hebben nog een paar plaatsen vrij! Ben je bekend bij Upgrade Estate en vang je zelf vluchtelingen op? Meld hen gerust aan via academy@upgrade-estate.be De taallessen zijn gratis en gaan door elke maandag vanaf 23 mei tussen 10u en 12u in de Upgrade Academy (Gent) en dit gedurende 15 weken.
30/05/2022 - 05/09/2022 10:00 - 12:00
We have many other Upgrade Academy events planned for you. Curious to discover them? 


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Throughout the academic year, we host several workshops at the Upgrade Academy. These workshops, on various topics (study planning, student wellbeing, exam tips etc), are open to all Upkot students, the more the merrier!

Yasmine, our HR-intern will give these workshops in English. So you can participate from your lazy chair, or together with other students in the Upgrade Academy (Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 128, Gent). You can follow all workshops, or just that one that you find suiting for you. We'll inform you on your Upkot Facebook group when we have new workshops available.


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Inspiring activities

Living Upkot means more than only studying. You also want to have fun, meet new friends, be inspired! And that’s exactly what we like to do for you at the Upgrade Academy. 

We would love to invite you for some interesting activities. All the activities are free for Upkot students! 


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