OMG! I desperately want to go Upkot but I have so many questions about the student rooms, service, costs, etc. Well here are the most common Q&A's …

Or better yet, you are an international student visiting us from abroad then check out the special FAQ.

FAQ International students

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How much is the deposit and can we choose which agency we pay this to?

The deposit amounts to two months’ rent. The deposit will be put into the Manager’s third-party account (Upgrade Estate Group).

Which costs are not included in the rent?
  • One-off cost for the tenancy inspection (including check-in and check-out) €85 (incl. VAT)
  • Fixed monthly costs for electricity, gas, water, waste disposal and most important: Internet!
Is there a locked bike shed?

Each project has a locked bicycle shed, covered or not, as the case may be. We do advise you though, to bring a sturdy bike lock.

Can I reserve a room?

Each potential tenant is given the same opportunities. However, if you already own or rent a room at Upkot, then you will be given priority in choosing your new room. Due to the huge amount of requests we cannot reserve a room without a signed contract.

Does the contract cover 12 months or 10 months?

In general all our contracts have a duration of 12-months. Always including the summer months.

Are students required to maintain their rooms? Are the shared facilities cleaned by the Upkot coach?

The rooms or studios must be maintained by the students. The hallways, stairs, lifts, entrances, waste disposal and the communal bathroom facilities are maintained weekly by the Upkot coach. As for the maintenance of the shared kitchen and chill rooms, there is a student rotation system, which is monitored by the Upkot coach.

What should I bring?

In our Upkot projects, we provide all the fixtures and fittings: bed, wardrobe, desk, lighting, curtains. As you are required to bring your own free-standing furniture, including mattress and desk chair, you can give your room your own personal touch. Please note: a standard single mattress measures 90cm x 200cm. The double beds vary in size depending on the project. Your Upkot Coach will be able to give you exact measurements.

Who is the internet provider? Is the internet capacity unlimited?

In our projects, we work with either Telenet, Smart Eye or Destiny. The capacity is sufficient for the students’ standard use.

Can students place an extra refrigerator in the room?

Tenants who do not have their own kitchens are assigned a shelf in the communal fridge. We do not recommend bringing your own fridges. If you do, you will be charged an extra EUR 20/month (excl. VAT) for electricity. Kotkip tip: think of the environment before you think of bringing an additional fridge!

To what extent are the rooms/studios soundproof?

Based on our experience, we pay special attention to the insulation between rooms or studios. We take additional measures on top of the statutory requirements.

I’m an Upkotter and going on Erasmus/internship. What are the options?

You're currently renting a room in Upkot and you want to sublet your room during an internship or Erasmus period. For you we have the option to make an appeal to the subletting formula. (See also General Terms and Conditions). You sign a standard 12-month lease, but you look for a tenant to rent your room for the period you are on Erasmus or internship. For all details, please contact your Upkot Coach.