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Croque in den blok

Upkot Cares - Croque in den blok

During exams, there is often little time for cooking. Therefore, we like to spoil the students with a delicious croque during the exam period.
Week of 17/01/2022
Warmste wintermarkt

Upkot Cares - Warmste Wintermarkt

Hot chocolate milk and a cosy atmosphere ... The Upkot Christmas market has it all.
And did you know that the profit of this market goes to 'De Warmste Week'?
Week of 13/12/2021
Gramma's soup

Upkot Cares - Gramma's soup

During the examens, students have little time for cooking. And because of the covid pandemic, students had to miss their grandparents' delicious soup. With Gramma's soup, we bring the soup of your grandparents to you.
Week of 10/01/2022


You cannot believe how happy we are you are about to sign up to the greatest Skitrip of all time. Since we have got to postpone the Skitrip of last year due to some kind of stupid virus, our ambition and enthousiasm for this trip could not be bigger. Every night we are dreaming of skiing the white slopes, the beautiful silence of the mountains, the singing of the birds,... and the best Après Ski parties in the world, of course!

So sign up and we will make sure you will remember this trip for the rest of your life.