Upcoming events

Kaper Upkot

Hasselt - Open days

In Hasselt you can choose between our famous project 'Kaper Upkot' or the brand new 'Demer Upkot'.
The location of these projects is perfectly situated right next to Hogeschool PXL, and with the University of Hasselt within walking distance.

Elfde-Liniestraat 17-19-21, 3500 Hasselt

Jet Upkot - Open days

In the green and lively city of Jette, close to all public transport (Brussels city center is only 10 minutes away), you can find the beautiful Jet Upkot. The all-in-one Study Café, bar and movie room will give you everything you could ever wish for in a student house.

Dupréstraat 94, 1090 Jette

Antwerp - Open days

In Antwerp, you have a choice between the fantastic Eilandje Upkot and Antwerp Upkot, depending on where you will be studying in the city.