Upcoming events

Kaper Upkot

Big open days Hasselt

Both Kaper Upkot and Demer Upkot are perfectly situated right next to Hogeschool PXL and with the University of Hasselt within walking distance. We already have some rooms available for 2024-2025 and even a small amount of rooms for the current academic year!
24 february & 9 march
Binnentuin Yum Upkot

Big open days Yum Upkot

In the tastiest streef of Kortrijk, you can find Yum Upkot. The ideal base for all students, close to the railway station, the bustling city life and the student campuses of the Howest, VIVES and KULAK. With its 77 rooms, 7 shared kitchens with chillroom, a study café and a city garden, this building has all the ingredients for students to have the time of their lives.
24 february & 13 march

Big open days Brugge

Located on the outskirts of the historical city of Bruges, Brugge Upkot has the best location: near the railway station and multiple universities and colleges. It's a melting pot of students, each with their own interesting background and study purpose, but all united through one challenge: living their life to the fullest!
24 february & 9 march

Journée portes ouvertes Campus Upkot

Les étudiants du collège HELHa ne pourraient pas être plus gâtés, car Campus Upkot est situé juste sur le campus HELHa. Réveillez-vous dix minutes avant le début de votre cours et vous êtes toujours à l'heure. Vous trouverez tout ce que vous cherchez au Campus Upkot: plusieurs types de chambres, de nombreuses installations communes sympas et ... de nouveaux BFF!
7 march
Antwerpen Upkot

Big open day Antwerpen Upkot

Once a stately peace court, now a student house full of life and laughter. Its colourful design, frequent activities and sunny patio guarantee an effortless bond between our Upkotters.
9 march

Big open day 't Eilandje Upkot

Perfectly located between the largest park of Antwerp (Park Spoor Noord), the student district and the trendy neighborhood 't Eilandje, you can find this beautifully renovated former harbour house. A home away from home for every young and talented soul.
9 march

Big open days Jet Upkot

In the green and lively city of Jette, close to all public transport (Brussels city center is only 10 minutes away), you can find the beautiful Jet Upkot. The all-in-one Study Café, bar and movie room will give you everything you could ever wish for in a student house.
9 - 16 - 17 march
Kortrijk Upkot

Big open day Kortrijk & Bleecker Upkot

Bleecker Upkot/Kortrijk Upkot transformed from a former Citroën garage into a cosy student house. Roaring cars were replaced by amazing students, polluting oil by an ecological urban garden, and car tools by Upkot chickens. Bleecker Upkot has amazing facilities within walking distance of the railway station and the city center.
9 march
Bro Upkot

Open days Bro Upkot - ONLY STUDIOS

With its 18 (!) floors, this Upkot building is by far Upkot's highest and tallest student house. This large scale enabled us to create a real example of community-driven shared spaces. What do you think of an outdoor beach volley field, a huge gaming room and a study café at the top floor? Imagine the view, it'll blow your mind…

IMPORTANT (!) At this moment the only available offer in Ghent is this one. For all other buildings and rooms types we will respect our waiting list in chronological order. Therefore we currently do not offer other open days in Ghent.
FRIDAYS 14h-16h