The story of Yum Upkot

Downtown Kortrijk city, also known as the mecca of good taste, you have arrived at Yum Upkot. A hymn to all things delicious, a true ode to what keeps our human engine running.

gevel Yum Upkot

It is here Willy Wonka drew inspiration for almost all of his well known sweets, Flemish elite chefs are regulars. After his first visit, Michael Vrijmoed reacted: "Now I have seen everything, Now I can die peacefully”.

The place, that once housed entrepreneurs as well as the thirsty, has now become a paradise for students who are ready to have the time of their lives and eager to enjoy it.

Just a few steps beyond the mint green facade, inside YUM Upkot, immediately makes your mouth water like the swirling river ‘De Leie’, about which local phenomenon Johnny Turbo once sang so beautifully.


The students are housed across the 3 pillars of food: ‘The Taste’, ‘The Bite’ and ‘The Experience’. Each to be discovered in a different wing of this impressive building.

Inside ‘The Taste’, greedy students are immersed in the experiment. Here they can taste life at their own pace. In the early stages of student life this often involves staying up late and opening the curtains way past noon. 
Residents huddle together in the communal kitchens and venture into making homemade spaghetti sauce for the first time. Gradually they discover that the Saltshaker has a large opening as well. And birthday cakes, made by friends, help to Sweeten the blow of the statistics and philosophy classes that appear to be very Sour at first. The hearty coach is always nearby, should things turn Bitter.

Study café yum

Inside 'The Bite’, the students are really put to the test. They discover that rooms do not clean themselves and that being quick-witted does not necessarily guarantee a Smooth academic journey.

But dividing chores helps Softening the blow, while cleaning up after last night’s party. And studying together can help add some Crunch to those otherwise lonely, boring weeks of learning courses by heart.

What helps is that they learn to bear down in their safe study café cocoon, grappling with the seemingly endless exam material.

spaghetti cooking

You do not gather life wisdom overnight. Therefore, you need to visit ‘The Experience’. Fresh insights will kick you into gear. Spicy experiences help define your boundaries. Add a little Greasiness, and after those wild years, these students will be prepared to sink their teeth into new challenges when they go their own way.

At Yum Upkot, these students find themselves in the perfect setting, surrounded by youthful talent, ready to absorb the Taste of Life.